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Avoiding Gym Germs? Here is how you can get a gym quality workout at home.

Success in pursuit of fitness requires making workouts part of your regular routine. For many that means hitting the gym before or after work. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak many of us are skipping the gym and heading home or simply staying home. However, that doesn't mean that you need to skip your workouts. Training at home is a fantastic alternative!

Can you really get a great workout at home?

Absolutely! If you have never trained with high quality elastic exercise tubing like those sold by Bodylastics ( then I could certainly see why you would be skeptical. Every exercise that you do at the gym can be done just as effectively at home AND with as much resistance as you need to get phenomenal results. I've used them for well over a decade and I'm raving about them because they work. Nearly endless exercise options and the ability to combine multiple bands together to achieve extraordinary resistance levels make these a must for training at home. Complete sets are available on Amazon between $30 and $125.

Other favorite pieces of at-home gear include a Reebok Step, Physio Ball, and Power Blocks. With these additions you can not only perform every single gym exercise at home, but you have the variety you need to keep your workouts stimulating both mentally and physically.

Without the gym will you keep up with your workouts?

You can. You want to stack the deck in your own favor. Going to the gym has been part of your routine. Even at home, be sure to put your workout on your calendar (date and time). Distractions, even important ones, get the chance to put you off course when you are home. Stick to your plan and remember that being fit and mentally sharp makes you better at all things, including being the person your family most needs you to be.

Consider hiring a personal trainer. Having a scheduled appointment with another makes it harder back burner your health. Also, a good trainer will make sure that you get an exceptional workout anywhere. I began my at-home training career in 1997 working with clients in small Back Bay apartments in Boston. Even limited space and equipment need not be obstacles for you. Another tip...pick a highly knowledgeable trainer, but also one that you LIKE! My clients and I spend a lot of time together. Our sessions aren't only effective, they're enjoyable...well as much as a workout can be. Your trainer should be someone who is expert, holds you to the standards you seek for yourself, and helps you to enjoy the process.